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Program Curriculum

Leadership SOAR is structured to build strong leadership and self-esteem in youth. SOAR stands for Service Opportunity combined with Actions equals Results. This program provides leadership opportunities and motivating mentors who are committed in uniting our youth’s growth and development in becoming self sufficient individuals.


Leadership SOAR was designed for elementary and middle school youth who want to learn and apply leadership principles. The program Curriculum consists of:


SKILLS Competition


Student Leaders enter SKILLS Competition to display the skills they have learned throughout the year. Competition areas are Interviewing Skills, Community Service, Dining Etiquette, Prepared Speech, Customer Service, Extemporaneous Speaking, Prepared Speech, First Aid, and Parliamentary Procedures.


Competitors are judged based on specific guidelines given.


Prizes will be awarded to Gold, Silver, and Bronze level winners. In addition, winners will be awarded prizes provided by Youth Leadership Partners.







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The Benefits




Leadership SOAR will foster critical-thinking skills essential in schools and communities. Ambassadors will enhance their leadership skills in the areas of team building, decision-making, problem solving and community awareness.



Leadership SOAR Ambassadors will have the opportunity to build relationships, learned from diverse peers and develop themselves to be productive citizens and future leaders.



Leadership SOAR Ambassadors will be inspired and prepared to take on greater societal responsibilities in their schools and communities.



Leadership SOAR Ambassadors will walk away from the program feeling self-sufficient and connected ready to tackle any issue. Ambassadors will also inspire others to become actively engaged in their school and community.


Expected Outcomes

Leadership SOAR will become ‘a safety-net‘ and provide sustained support of youth served by its program.


We expect to:



  1. Foster positive attitudes toward self and others
  2. Improve school attendance
  3. Encourage and develop positive home, school and community relationships
  4. Improve academics and promote literacy outside of school hours