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Leadership Skills

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Prepared Speech

This competition will require students to deliver a speech that is 5-7 minutes in length on a common topic established by the Jr. Eagle officials. Contestants will be evaluated on their ability to present thoughts relating to a central theme clearly and effectively, and on voice, mechanics and platform deportment.

Extemporaneous Speaking

Students will be provided skills to assist them with the components of and the delivery of a speech. Students will be required to deliver a 3-5 minute speech on an assigned topic proceeded by 5 minutes of advance preparation. During the verbal presentation the students will be judged on voice, mechanics, platform deportment, organization, effectiveness and overall delivery.

Interview Skills

Students will attend a short lecture on job interview and tips. The lecture will address the following: completion of employment applications, preliminary interviews with receptionists and in depth interviews. Contestants will display their knowledge and skills related to the lecture topics and will be evaluated on the presentation of their understanding of employment procedures that apply to the positions in the occupational areas.


Customer Service

Students will be evaluated on their proficient ability to provide quality customer service. Contestants will use live, role-play situations to enhance and develop their ability to perform both, written and oral forms of customer service skills. Students will develop and use telephone and computer skills along with instruction in communications, problem solving, conflict resolution skills and business etiquette.


Dining Etiquette

This competition will require students to set up one of three different types of table setting.


First Aid

Evaluates contestant's ability to perform procedures or take appropriate action based on scenarios presented related to first aid. There is also a written exam. All skills are judged on nationally accepted standards identified by the American Red Cross for first aid emergencies.


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