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Section One
Why Parliamentary Procedure The Ideal Presiding Officer
Guide to Selecting Officers Steps in Presenting a Motion
Steps Following the Presentation of a Motion
Rules for Voting Methods of Voting
Change the Presiding Officer
Section Two
Main Motion Amend  
Adjourn Point of Order
Point of Information Parliamentary Inquiry
Appeal from the Decision of the Chair Division of the Assembly
Refer to a Committee Committee Reports
Discharge a Committee Withdraw a Motion
Lay on the Table               Take from the Table
Previous Question Limit Debate
Reconsider Rescind  
Suspend A Standing Rule Adopt an Order of Business
Call for Orders of the Day                                    Recess  
Object to Consideration Question of Privilege
To Postpone Definitely To Postpone Indefinitely
Fix Time to Which to Adjourn (Reassemble) Nominations and Elections
Section Three
Hierarchy of Motions Chart of Motions(as to precedence, not frequency of use)
Section Four
Practicing Parliamentary Procedure Basic Principles
Who Must be Present for Business to be Conducted
Patterns of Formality Call to Order -Order of Business
Types of Motions Presentation of a Motion
Purposes of Motions Descriptions of Motions


Rules for Voting


Methods of Voting


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